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//Political Institutions// //Education// //Immigration// //Causal Inference with Learning Algorithms// //Missing Data// //Deep Learning/Image Analysis// //Text as Data//

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Causal Inference and Counterfactuals with Learning Algorithms. Under contract with Cambridge University Press.

Governing Algorithms. Jason Anastasopoulos. In preparation for submission to Princeton University Press.


Administrative Decisions and Machine Predictions.” Jason Anastasopoulos, Micah Gell-Redman and Andrew B. Whitford. Working paper.

Understanding Delegation through Machine Learning: A Method and Application to the European Union.” Jason Anastasopoulos and Anthony Bertelli. Accepted. American Political Science Review.

Machine Learning for Public Administration Research, with Application to Organizational Reputation.” Jason Anastasopoulos and Andrew B. Whitford. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (2018).

Organizational Context and Budget Orientations.” Jason Anastasopoulos, Tima Moldogaziev and Tyler Scott. Revise and Resubmit at the International Public Management Journal.

Measuring and Modeling Accomplishment in Congressional Legislation Networks From 1789–2014.” Jason Anastasopoulos, Anthony Madonna and Aaron Hitefield. Working paper. Draft available upon request.

Estimating the gender penalty in House of Representative elections using a regression discontinuity design.” Jason Anastasopoulos. Electoral Studies (2016).

Detecting and Punishing Unconscious Bias.” Philip E. Tetlock, Gregory Mitchell and L. Jason Anastasopoulos. Journal of Legal Studies (2013).

Constraining bureaucratic discretion: algorithms, expertise and social capital.” Jason Anastasopoulos. Working paper.


“Dismantled Desegregation? White Flight and the Future of Court Ordered Desegregation.” Jason Anastasopoulos.


JOB VACANCIES, THE BEVERIDGE CURVE, AND SUPPLY SHOCKS: THE FREQUENCY AND CONTENT OF HELP-WANTED ADS IN PRE- AND POST-MARIEL MIAMI Jason Anastasopoulos, George J. Borjas, Gavin G. Cook and Michael Lachanski. Submitted to the Journal of Political Economy

Job Vacancies and Immigration: Evidence from Pre- and Post-Mariel Miami.” Jason Anastasopoulos, George J. Borjas, Gavin G. Cook, Michael Lachanski. NBER Working Paper No. 24580.

Migration, Immigration, and the Political Geography of American Cities.” Jason Anastasopoulos. American Politics Research, 2017.

A formal model of segregation and political polarization.” Jason Anastasopoulos. Working paper.


Causal Inference with Learning Algorithms

Principled local average treatment effect estimation for regression discontinuity designs (RDDs)." Jason Anastasopoulos. Working paper, available upon request.

Bayesian lasso estimation of treatment effects in regression discontinuity designs” Jason Anastasopoulos. Working paper.

Matching with Text Data: An Experimental Evaluation of Methods for Matching Documents and of Measuring Match Quality.” Reagan Mozer, Luke Miratrix, Aaron Kaufman and Jason Anastasopoulos. Forthcoming at Political Analysis (2019).

Missing Data

Fast, Robust Missing Data Imputation with an Iterative Singular Value Decomposition Algorithm.” Jason Anastasopoulos, Sarah Hunter and Keith Poole. Working paper available upon request. SLAMM Presentation.

“A non-negative matrix factorization algorithm for imputing missing survey data.” Jason Anastasopoulos. Working paper, available upon request.

Deep Learning/Image Analysis

“Understanding the Political Ideology of Legislators through Social Media Photographs.” Nan Xi, Di Ma, Marcus Liou, Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld, Jason Anastasopoulos, Jungseock Joo. Revise and Resubmit. INTERNATIONAL AAAI CONFERENCE ON WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA .

Photographic home styles in Congress.L. Jason AnastasopoulosDhruvil BadaniCrystal LeeShiry GinosarJake Williams. Working paper.

Text as Data

2019. Jason Anastasopoulos and Jake Williams. “A scalable machine learning approach for measuring violent and peaceful forms of political protest participation with social media data.” PLOS One.